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The SUA was established on June 16, 1983, in New Jersey (USA).

Since the dispersion of the Syriacs/Arameans through the four corners of the world, they have managed to institute several cultural unions as guardians of their ancient heritage in the countries they moved to. Soon these local associations were organized under the umbrella of national federations.

The next important step was the unification of these national federations in a transcending body, which has been called the Syriac Universal Alliance. Hence, Syriac/Aramaic federations under the patronage of the SUA can be found in such remote countries as the U.S.A., Australia, Lebanon, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Furthermore, on May 2, 1998, a daughter organization was founded in Stockholm (Sweden) to be managed by and for the Syriac/Aramean youth. This organization is known as the Syriac Aramaic European Youth Committee (SAEYC).

In order to gain a wider influence, in 1997 SUA applied for a status with the Economical and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). In 1999, SUA was formally recognized by the ECOSOC as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and was granted a Special Consultative status. Since then, SUA has been attending various UN conferences and meetings dealing with such diverse issues as human rights, crime prevention and drugs control at the UN Offices in Geneva, New York and Vienna.

At present, the office of the SUA is seated in Södertälje (Sweden).

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It even happens to the best! The inflatable kayak can be solid and its canvas resistant, sometimes a puncture can occur. That said, there is no inevitability in the world of sea kayaks, and there are a thousand and one tricks to reduce the risks. You can check the reviews of the most popular inflatable kayaks.

Then, in case of puddings pierced during a exit a little too intense, no panic. Inflatable kayak repairs, whether putting on a patch or changing the bladder, are a breeze.




The advantages of inflatable kayak are many. This light and easy-to-use boat allows you to freely glide over the waters of a lake, a river or at sea. This comfort extends even to the ground thanks to the ease of assembly and disassembly of the inflatable kayak.


Kayak inflatable starboard


For your nautical outings to be all successful, make sure your kayak never runs out of air.

During assembly, place the drifters before inflating your kayak. First inflate the bottom, then a first flange, and the second to 50%. Check the position of the rooms and, if everything is OK, inflate the whole at 100%. Close the valves.

Good to know  : the pressure of the bladders on inflatable kayaks Starboard must not exceed 0.1 bar (1.5 PSI). To carry out this operation, use a hand pump double action that allows you to inflate and deflate at leisure.


Itiwit inflatable kayak 3 seats


Your kayak can, like you, be subject to hot shots. Avoid leaving it all day in the sun, once inflated. Exposure and heat naturally increase the pressure of the bladders.



You know: prevention is better than cure. You can limit the risk of puncture by taking good care of your kayak. Examples ?


Avoid puncture kayak


When you sail, pay close attention to the water level. Even if the two lateral bulges of your inflatable kayak allow you to evolve in shallow water, in the open air or under water, a rock is always arrived quickly.

Back on land, deflate your kayak before rinsing it with fresh water to remove any residues of sand and salt.

At the same time, disassemble the floor of your kayak and dry it separately. This is the best way to avoid any early mold and keep your boat in the best condition for as long as possible.

Last step: Reassemble the elements of your kayak. Fold it up thoroughly and store it away from heat and moisture.


And if, despite all these precautions of maintenance, a puncture invites aboard, do not be afraid. Switch to the “kayak” mode for all contingencies by practicing our tips to repair your kayak!


Let’s be frank: it is very likely that the passage that follows will only enrich your “kayak” culture. Indeed, the solidity of the inflatable kayaks is no longer to prove and it is rare to pierce their web so thick and resistant. However, should this happen, know that a repair kit , easy to use, you provided when purchasing your kayak.


Inflatable kayak repair kit


Having a kit is fine. Knowing how to use it is better! And again, it is not the sea to drink. In case of a small puncture, you must:

– Deflate the kayak and remove the pierced bladder to locate the leak;

– Clean the surface around the hole;

– Apply the patch by pressing hard for 1 minute;

– Wait 4 hours before re-inflating your kayak, and spinning on the water.




This really is not your lucky day and the patch is not enough to fill the hole. Go to plan B! Obtain a new bladder and do the following:

– Deflate the kayak and remove the bladder;

– Insert the new bladder so that its valve fits perfectly with that of the kayak;

– Inflate to 50% to check the correct position of the chamber. Everything is OK ? Then, inflate to 100% and close the valve.

You are ready for any eventuality, and ready to sail the serene mind!

Personal data in the possession of governments: risks and protection

With the application of technological developments in the services that governments provide citizens, a significant amount of information began to be processed in digital format, which also represent progress, also meant the emergence of security risks almost inherent in the use Of technology.

Currently, information concerning individuals is processed, stored or transmitted through the technological infrastructure government institutions to fulfill the purposes of each.

Among the range of information they process these institutions we can find that relates to tax services and tax payments , data used for issuing official documents , electoral rolls or financial information such as income, expenses or credit histories.

Therefore, information relevant to people is in possession of such institutions, which represents an important risk to the security and privacy of sensitive information if it is not adequately protected.

Personal data, necessarily owned by public institutions

In a previous publication we review the issue of the importance of protection of personal data , ie information that can identify, characterize and determine the activities of people, both the public and private sectors are made.


This information belongs to its owner, so it is the person who decides if he shares his information and how it should be treated by third parties who have access to this data. However, even if the user does not intend to share information, sometimes has no choice to decide , because if you do not provide your data or does not have a prior record, you can not receive certain government services online, which means that sharing The data, is sometimes mandatory.

Therefore, when public institutions work with citizens’ information, consideration should be given to the implications that this entails, as well as the security measures necessary to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Therefore, personal information can be located in a huge variety of sites , as it not only found in federal, we must also consider other levels of government such as municipalities or states.

The list of personal data is large and although many of them are used by various institutions seeking to identify individuals. Just to mention some examples, data held by government institutions may consider:

  • Information in official documents : passports, visas, driver ‘s license, birth certificates, among others.
  • Health information : social security number, suffered diseases, necessary medications, etc.
  • Financial information : income, expenses, taxes, credit history, bank accounts, etc.
  • Electoral information : name, address, age, sex, photography, among others.

Common security risks faced by government institutions

The reality is that providing this information in most cases it is necessary , since the government services citizens require. However, the disadvantages arise when there are no strict controls for the management of databases, which may represent theft or leaks of information, whether performed by internal staff of the institution or by an external attacker.

When it comes to personal data, the risks increase along with the range of crimes that can be committed if this information falls into the wrong hands. For example, there are records that sensitive information is sold to the highest bidder , as the database of the police forces, information about the vehicle fleet or the list of persons registered in electoral rolls. It is not a new topic, however, it is not ruled out that it happens again or even happening at this time.

Undoubtedly, the theft and disclosure of information is one of the threats faced by government institutions, same as negatively and is also directly affect citizens, plus they could also include employee information. In addition, there are other risks that may suffer from these types of institutions, which are listed below:

  • Hacktivism . The term comes from the acronym for  “hacker” and “activism” and refers touse of techniques of computer attacks by individuals or groups with some ideological position, primarilyas a form of protest in reference to sensitive topics such as politics, Human Rights, freedom of expression, among others. The attacks commonly used by hacktivists are related to changes in sites Web governmental organizations ( defacement ) or denial of service (DoS).
  • Denial of service. Known as DoS (for its acronym in English Denial of Service ) is an attack that is carried out by generating a large flow of information from several points of connection, by sending certain packets of data to servers, with the Purpose of saturating their processing capacity and forcing the service to collapse. Such attacks can be generated enlarged manner, which is known as distributed denial of service and generally used botnets or zombie network equipment to fulfill their missions.
  • Defacement . This is a type of attack sites  web in which the attacker gains access to a server and modify the content of the page, usually replacingwith its own code. Sometimes also they allow the spread of  malware  by, for example, including  scripts
  • Malicious code. Known as  malware , it is an important range of programs or applications designed with a malicious purpose. It is considered  malware to different types of threats, each with particular characteristics (Trojan, worm, virus, etc.). It is related to the previous threats, since once the servers are violated, they can be used to propagate malicious programs, as well as share content that is acquired illegitimately. Studies have shown that governmental domains a significant proportion of sites of government agencies have some type of malicious code infection .

Security measures to take care of information

DeltaNet Login, we have reviewed generally the set of sensitive information that may be subject to threats , with situations where information is freely available without any restrictions, which may represent a financial loss for people and even a risk to your integrity.


In this context, threats and security risks can not only have an external source: the internal staff can also generate some kind of damage , so that not only the information of citizens may be at risk, but own information Institutions. For this reason, the security of the information becomes relevant since applying protective measures for the care of the data, it is possible to avoid other types of affectations of more seriousness.

Consequences such as loss of credibility of governments, negative image of institutions, property damage or integrity of persons affectations, non – availability of public services and countless damages in excess, can be avoided or minimized with proper protection information.

As we have mentioned on other occasions, this results in a joint effort between different entities. On the one hand, it requires the participation of governments responsible for legislating security issues and encouraging the creation of law enforcement institutions.

In addition, the entities that process the information of the users in the framework of the norms, standards, laws or regulations focused on the protection of the data; the participation of users through the application of good security practices, and finally companies and organizations whose main purpose the information security.

How to organize the accounting of a company?

All companies must organize for accounting ; Not only in order to respect the obligations to which they are subject but also to know in real time the state of their financial health. Accounting-Easy offers a listing answering the question: how to organize its accounts ?

General organization of the accounts of a company

The general accounting is a system of organization of financial information with the objective of bringing to the various exchanges encrypted terms of a company with its environment and provide an overview about them. For a more complete presentation: definition and role of accounting .

A company may be organized in two ways different in terms of accounting :

  • the internally manage (the company alone bears all the accounting work and organized accordingly)
  • the delegate to a third party (it outsources its accounting in part or in an accountant)

Organize your internal accounting

Modalities of organization

When the accounting is handled internally , the company must  organize its “accounting” branch itself. In small and medium-sized enterprises, the accounting function is generally assumed by the manager. In larger companies, an accounting department is specially created for this purpose (of hiring accountants and chief accountants  have and place).

In particular, the following tasks will be carried out by the company’s teams:

  • Choice and personalization of the chart of accounts applicable to the company,
  • receiving documents, accounting entries , numbering and filing of accounting documents ,
  • Tax declarations (VAT, CVAE, CFE, statement of result, etc.),
  • realization of inventory work , preparation of financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and notes) and deposited with the registry of the commercial court ,
  • closing of accounts, final financial statements editions, recovery to new , opening the following year and accounting for reversals .

For more information: set up its accounts .

Benefits of Internal Organization of Accounting

The undeniable advantage of this solution lies in the mastery of the process : the company retains direct supervision of the preparation of accounts and various tasks that result. Information can generally be found more quickly than in outsourcing.

The biggest companies find an additional interest: the connection of the accounting with their information system (PGI for example). When their services (commercial management, supply management, management of work in progress, etc.) draw the information in a common database, integration of accounting will help to increase efficiency and reliability . For example, it will be possible to provide for automatic raises of customers whose claims are not settled on time. Errors associated with double-typing can also be avoided.

Generally, this solution is less expensive than using the services of an accountant.

Disadvantages of Internal Organization of Accounting

When the leader himself holds the accounts of his company without being specialized in this field, it fails sometimes a time precious: that it would spend normally its operational activity and develop its business.

Secondly, it deprives itself of the advice of an accountant  and profits generated by its accounting and tax support.

Finally, this solution is less flexible when hiring employees.


Modalities of organization

When the accounting is outsourced , the company appropriates the services of an accountant to perform all or part of its accounting work. The scope of the mission entrusted to the accountant , which will be recorded in a document called a letter of engagement , will depend on the needs formulated by the company. It can range from the simple task of financial statements for a full mission of bookkeeping.

The most commonly proposed formulas are:

  • Total outsourcing: the accountant manages all the company’s accounts from the beginning (accounting entry) to the end (production of financial statements),
  • Partial outsourcing: company seizes accounting records and prepares the balance sheet year-end . The public accountant reviews the accounts and draws up the annual balance sheet.

It should be emphasized here that only a public accountant is entitled to keep the accounts of an enterprise (the law gives it a monopoly in this area).

For more information: MYOB Gold Coast .

Looking for a Chartered Accountant? Meet one of our partners in your area for free:

Advantages of Outsourcing

To use an accountant helps secure the management accounting within a company. This professional ensures that the accounting system complies with laws and regulations and that the company is up to date with its tax obligations. Moreover, when he commits errors or fails in some of his duties imposed by his code of ethics, he challenges his civil, criminal or disciplinary liability. The company may, under certain conditions, turn against it.

Second advantage conferred by outsourcing: the centralization of financial information within a single interlocutor. The accountant has all the cards to best advise the company and its leader .

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

This solution is unfortunately the most expensive for a company. The  rate charged by an accountant  helps form a generally higher cost than wages accounting staff.

Finally, the retrieval of certain information can sometimes be long, especially when the professional is unavailable (in fiscal period for example). This is likely to occasioning a lack of response from the company.

To complete the reflection, we invite the reader to consult our articles:

  • keep its accounts or entrust it to an accountant ?
  • how to choose an accountant ?

Conclusion : organize the accounting of a company means taking the decision to take internally setting accounting tasks or, alternatively, to delegate to an accountant. Each formula has advantages and disadvantages to be taken into account in the reasoning.

How to Clean Laminate Office Flooring before conference, meetings

Laminate flooring is an increasingly common alternative in homes, and is that it offers a stylish and beautiful result at a reasonable cost. However there is a fundamental point to take into account when installing this type of soil, and that it deserves special care to ensure its correct maintenance and durability, with cleaning being a prominent feature.

A laminate floor clean with water

first thing to be clear is that a laminate floor can not frequently cleaned with water, because it is a type of material that requires the least amount of moisture to be in good condition.

Therefore it is recommended that you clean it with shark mop, hot water and a special detergent for wood flooring only every 15 days. You must use a special mop for wood floors that is preferably microfiber, in addition the cleaning must be done with the mop very well drained, without it drips, otherwise you run the risk of your laminate flooring eventually deteriorate with the passage weather.

When cleaning with water always follow the same direction and remember the importance of doing it with a perfectly drained cloth.

Laminate floor daily cleaning

To clean a laminate floor on a daily basis is often important to remove dust and dirt that accumulates. For this the best alternative is to use a vacuum cleaner or mop to help collect dust balls, hairs and other debris that could dirty, scratch and damage the laminate floor. Depending on the number of inhabitants in your home and factors such as wind, the use of heating, among others, the periodicity of the aspirate or use of the mop can go from 1 time a week to every 2 days.

If you choose to vacuum, pay attention to the hardness of the brush and the wheels of the appliance. The vacuum cleaner brush should be smooth, so the wheels should be free of dirt or stones, otherwise dragging the vacuum cleaner could produce accidental scratches on the floor.

Spot cleaning a laminate floor

Once we clear the way to clean a laminate floor on a daily basis, it is important to know how to remove specific stains from these soils without damaging the material. In we give several tricks depending on the type of stain:

-Rayones heels or furniture: you can remove the mark using an eraser, keep in mind that should protect furniture legs to not cause scratches on your laminate floor .

-Fat, ink or wax blankets: clean by applying alcohol or acetone with a microfiber cloth in the affected area, then dry thoroughly.

-Manchas became or common dirt: clean with a special microfibre cloth water and soap for laminate floors, then dry well.

-Body scrub: apply glass cleaner and then rub with a microfiber cloth. Remember to dry later.

Office cleaning is responsible not only for asepsis but also for hygiene and protection of the total staff in the office, using methods and tools; Service master Mexico is committed to the health of any putting your safety as a priority area. Learn about the services we have for you and your business on Facebook and Twitter

What are the benefits of HCG injections?

Human chorionic gandotrophin, or HCG, is a hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. There are many associated benefits that are speculated with the use of HCG. Some claim that it is a very effective tool in the fight against weight loss. This is not just an unproven assertion, but the position of the US Food and Drug Administration says this is not true. However, the medical community agrees that there are some benefits of HCG in treating certain conditions, including infertility and various problems related to hormones.


HCG is a water soluble hormone produced by the placenta. It is found in the urine of pregnant women, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. It is part of a class of glycoprotein hormones, including FSH (follicle stimulating hormones), TSH (thyroid stimulating hormones) and LH (luteinizing hormones). It contains alpha and beta amino acids.


HCG can help increase the chances of an infertile woman getting pregnant and can help women suffering from irregular menstrual cycles. It also helps in the production of testosterone and sperm. Finally, boys born with cryptorchidism (an abnormality in the testicles present at birth) are aided by HCG.

The HCG and Obesity Claims

In the late 1950s, when it was first introduced by Dr. Simeons, and 1976, when the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission took action against Human chorionic gonadotropin injections, these injections were the most popular method of controlling the Obesity in the United States. Dr. Simeons said the drugs allowed people to live with only 500 calories a day and distributed drugs stored fat and helped the body to metabolize fat.

Some speculate that their popularity was favored by doctors who wanted their patients to return for a weekly injection. Due to the lack of proven results and government action, HCG injections lost popularity, until they were revived in 2007 by a commercial and a book by Kevin Trudeau, claiming that HCG injections were the cure for obesity and that The American Medical Association, the FDA and other medical groups were part of a conspiracy to suppress the truth.

FDA’s position on HCG and obesity

Many doctors no longer do HCG injections due to the lack of proven results and the side effects and potential risks associated with these medications. Moreover, since 1975, the FDA has required that a notice be placed on HCG products stating that it has not been proven to be an effective therapy in the fight against obesity, that there is no evidence that any of The promised claims.

Side effects

In men, side effects of HCG include breast enlargement, increased height and sudden development of hair on the face and pubis when given to adolescents. When used as a treatment for fertility, HCG can cause indigestion, vomiting or nausea, uncontrollable passage of small amounts of urine, difficulty breathing, swelling, or rapid weight gain.

If used as a help for obesity along with a very low calorie diet, the risks of a calorie reduction drastically exist while physicians caution that consuming a 500 calorie diet may not be enough to maintain The vital organs in the body.

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